About Me


Greetings! I am  Loukeisa Denise. I am a wise woman, a mystic, a seer, an herbalist (over 20 years, formal and informal education), a fertility specialist (currently earning certification), a Birth Worker, a healer (born this way), an alchemist, a feminist, a student, a teacher and a writer.

I am a forth generation (as far as I know) spiritualist. Both my great -grandmother and grandmother where hoodoo root workers, and my mother was a healer and modern spiritualist. I am a combination of all those things and more. My quest for enlightenment and awareness began at a very early age and continues still.

Triple Moon Alchemy website is my space to muse, to query, and to expound on all the things that bring me life and wholeness. It is also a safe environment where women learn about our natural rhythms and how to get in touch with our flow of powerful feminine energy, using the Great Goddess as the door and guide through the journey of our soul.

I created Triple Moon Alchemy because I see more and more women of all ages and stages leaning in on the ways of the Goddess. Many new wise crafters and mystics do not have the lineage as a sacred fertile ground to grow from. There is an increasing amount of information out in the world and on the web that can be confusing to sort through. Please allow this to be a space of clarity, resolute knowledge, and power.

I hope that you stay.

LD, Ethereal goddess of Abundance

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