Herbal Womb Wellness Live Online Speaker Series

September 11th-October 18th

Now is the time for healing. Here in the Northern Hemisphere we are approaching the darker six months of the year. The days are shorter and the air becomes cooler. Naturally things begin to slow down and we may become more pensive. Our attention moves inward and we tend to focus more on self healing. It is the perfect season to set our intention on wholeness and alignment. For woman, the womb space is the ultimate doorway to superior transformation from the inside out. If you live in the Southern Hemisphere, the transition from dark to light, cooler to warmer is the perfect time to set your course for the months ahead.

Those of you who frequent this blog already know that this space is dedicated to honoring the Divine Feminine and all the wisdom associated with the rhythms of the primordial mother in us all. Which is why I am excited to share this life changing series with you.

Beginning this Friday September 11, 2020 a free online speaker series will begin. This series spans roughly a month and is chock full of inspiring and knowledgeable women who each bring there unique brand of healing information to us all. Yours truly will be live on October 11th at 7pm EST (4pm PST).

Sama Morningstar & Loukeisa Denise

There will be twelve speakers in all including our host Sama Morningstar.

Sama Morningstar, Womb Awakening and Feminine Embodiment Mentor and the founder of the Womb Centered Healing Temple and the The Bio-Mystical Womb. Sama is the author of the soon to be released book Herbal Womb Wellness, an elemental guide to vaginal steaming and other herbal womb wisdom practices.

This a series that you do not want to miss. It is a free event so there is really no barrier to stop you from enjoying this flood of healing information from these dynamic healers.

To register for this FREE event click below

Schedule of live events:

September 11th, 1pm Pacific: Opening Ceremony with Sama Morningstar et al

September 11th, 4pm Pacific: Sean Ching Cheang on The Power of Nothingness with Herbs: A holistic practice with Plant Whispering

September 13th, 10am Pacific: Indra Singh on How the Power of the Flower can Deepen our Yoga Practice

September 18th, 4pm Pacific: Alexandra Grajeda on Emotional Care through Vaginal Steaming

September 20th,10am Pacific: Sabrina Ourania on Vaginal Steaming for Womb Trauma

September 25th, 4pm Pacific: Practitioner Michelle on Working with elemental energy to grow your womb healing herbs

October 1st, 8pm Pacific: Sujata Nandy on Revitalizing the Yoni with Turmeric

October 2nd, 4pm, Pacific: Chaitanya Morly-Southall on Boosting Blood Building for Womb Wellness

October 4th, 10am Pacific: Kristina Berry on Healing the Exhausted Mother Wound with Herbs

October 9th, 4pm Pacific: Eve On on How Vaginal Steaming can help with menstrual cycle difficulties

October 11th, 10 am Pacific: Sarah Moussa on Ancestral Womb Wisdom and Healing with Herbs

October 11th, 4pm Pacific: Loukeisa Denise Edwards on Easing Menstrual Discomfort with Mugwort

October 16th, 4pm Pacific: Takeya Gray on Detoxing the Womb with Vaginal Steaming

October 18th, 10am Pacific: Sama Morningstar on Womb Listening and Birthing your Herbal Womb Wellness Plan

October 18th, 3;30pm Pacific: Closing Ceremony with Sama Morningstar et al

*the recordings will be available on the website throughout the duration of the series and for a week thereafter. Lifetime access will be granted to those who pre-purchase Sama’s Herbal Womb Wellness Workbook.

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