April 19th Full Moon Spell Work…Creation to Manifestation

triplemoonalchemy-outerspace- image-creation-to-manifestation

” You have a wealth of health and all manner of abundance flowing to you nonstop with unconditional love.” <<< That is a spell. You should repeat it. If you say it once, if you say it one million times, it’s a spell. Some might call it an affirmation. Others may call it positive self talk, or the law of attraction. Whatever they choose to name this powerful creation tool, the truth is the same. Spelling is a spell.

When we speak words from our heart that come from our lips, they travel out into the cosmos seeking the very thing that you released from inside of you, in order to bring it into your experience in this life. Many folks don’t understand their power nor do they understand the power of manifestation. They counteract the power with detracting spells like, ” i am broke”, “i probably wont get the job”, “i am probably gonna die early”, etcetera.

” You have a wealth of health and all manner of abundance flowing to you nonstop with unconditional love.” If I were to repeat this phrase everyday when I pass my reflection, or when I am brushing my teeth or doing some other habitual daily task, it becomes alive. The phrase accumulates energy. That energy gains velocity and it’s tentacles or cords, reach into the universe to grab hold of and shape my reality.  Some people think that this is the same as praying…not true.

To use the word pray, is to assume a mediator between yourself and the one named God (Goddess). There needn’t ever be a mediator. You are Divine. I don’t worship the Great Goddess, I embody the Goddess. When something has to be dealt with in a manner that calls for a complete change, I call on the spirit of, and embody the energy of Leggua. I don’t worship him. These ancient archetypal Deities seek to be honored not worshiped. There is a difference.

When we add layers to our creation manifestation different things happen. We can speed manifestation sometimes by adding herbs, candles, stones, and other corresponding curios to our workings. These things intensify the creation within us, therefor the creation intensifies outside of us as well. The key to manifestation in my opinion is consistency. Like with anything else. Because we live in time and space we are subject to the laws of these principles. Things move “slower” to us. In reality, once you conceive it, it IS. It has become. Time slows it down and the evidence of that instant manifestation takes a while to be seen. In the mean time between time is when most of us will loose sight of our power to create and get caught up on what things “seem” like. Those who know their true power are never moved by what things “seem” to be.


Know your power. Creation begins inside of you. Manifestation begins inside of you then it spreads out into the cosmos. Create with vigor and confidence. Whatever it is, it is yours. Now. Be patient while it manifests through this warp called Time.


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