Folk Magick Protection Practices

triple-moon-alchemy-fire-wall-hoodoo-folk-magick-protectionNot all malfeasance rituals and spells are meant to inflict harm on someone. There are times when it is important to go on the offense. In those times, there are several practices that can be initiated to protect and to guard against any negative energy coming your way. If you feel that you are a target of someone sending ill will towards you, keep reading.

In this post I am going to share some of the spells and practices that will guard and protect you from unwanted negative attacks both mentally and physically.

return to sender spell

freezer spell

 vinegar jar spell

 witch bottle ward

First and foremost, how to tell if someone has already, or is currently sending negative energy your way. I suggest getting quiet and meditating. As you do, listen to what your inner wisdom is telling you. Often times we have to be still and simply listen. If meditating is not something that you do on a regular basis I suggest that you change that. As a mystic or magickal being, it is important to tune in as much as possible. I have written about this before several times. If not, you may not be able to always distinguish between what your brain is telling you, and what Spirit is telling you. Our brains are run on chemicals, and electrons etc.. We need to be able to hear the differences. So, get quiet and  meditate. Ask Spirit if you are truly sensing malfeasance, or if you are over reacting. If meditation isn’t your strong suit, perform divination for the answers to your questions. Once you are clear, and know that this is necessary to perform, get to it with singular focused intentions. Remember, it is your intention that is the quintessence and the most important factor when working any form of magick.

Return to sender spell. Reversing work is about sending negative energy right back to its source. Woe to the one that initiated the malfeasant energy towards you because it is coming right back onto them! This course of action can be taken when an individual is simply “mean” to you as well as when an individual is actually working ill magick against you. You decide if this course of action is appropriate for the situation. Keep in mind that you may need to perform ongoing reversing work if the attack is strong, and always initiate protection practices intermittently over the course of time that the reversing work is being done. This working is best done under the waning or Dark moon.

for this work you will need:

a small mirror, preferably one you do not use for beauty

3 black candles

reversing oil ( olive oil mixed with black salt, & graveyard dirt if you have any, swirl around until mixed together)

black salt

a black cloth

black string or rope

a long nail or any sharp object the carve the candle with

agrimony, angelica, basil, rosemary herbs

  • Place a black cloth down. The mirror, candle, and the salt will all be done atop this cloth so make sure it is big enough, but not too big. Cut the top part of the candle off, turn it over then trim away the wax to reveal the wick on the other end. Then carve your enemy’s name into the candle in reverse. Example; A D N O R (ronda). If you do not know your enemy’s name, simply carve the words MY ENEMY (reversed). Dress the candle with the prepared oil then affix it to the mirror by melting a lil of the wax onto the mirror then placing the candle onto the melted wax before it cools. Take the black salt and make a circle around the candle mirror in a counterclockwise way. Light the candle. At this point, I encourage you to speak your truth. Create your own chant, but here is an example: “now is the time, in this very hour, I send this negative energy back to _____ by my power“.

*I have created a language that is used for the purpose of protecting myself and my family. Only we know and use this language. If you have special wordage or symbols that were created for protection purposes, now is the time to activate them.

Let the candle burn all the way down. repeat your chant and allow the energy to rise. Once the candle is burned all the way down, ground your energy, leave the space and prepare to light another black candle in the same manner the next day. The next day, trim, dress and then light another black candle in the same way. Chant and raise the energy. Once it burns down do it again the next day. Each round goes higher and higher as they say so each day, with each candle burning your intentions and wordage should become stronger and stronger. Make sure you are using your enemy’s name when speaking and feeding the candle mirror your energy.

On the third day, after the wax from the last candle has burned out, gather the corners of the cloth that is underneath of your candle mirror and salt. Gather into a pouch, tie the pouch with the string circling then knotting until the pouch is secure and none of the contents can fall out. When the sun goes down, make a strong tea of any combination of the herbs listed above, and set aside. Do not drink. Take the pouch to a cemetery, a crossroad, or anywhere far away from your home, and bury it. As you bury it, chant your powerful chant again. Ask the spirits of the dead to see that justice is done. Leave the area and never look back.

Once you return home, draw a bath. When the tub is almost filled strain and add the strong herbal infusion that you made before you left. Get in the tub and soak. Cleanse yourself of the energy that has accumulated over the past three days.


Freezer Spell. Most often people perform a freezer spell for court cases or for a business situation. I have used freezer spells anytime I want to stop anyone or anything in its tracks. It is very important however that personal concerns are used, and that the water used is not from your sink and is not distilled water. I have had great success with freezer spells and I hope you do also. You will need the following:

a container that wont break when the water freezes and expands

water (storm or rain water, spring water)

personal concerns of the one being bound (at least, a picture of them, or something that they have written on)

  • take a piece of paper and write the name of the one you wish to put on ice. You may write with dragon’s blood or regular ink. Take the personal concerns of the person that you have carefully gathered and add them into the jar with the individual’s name. Hair is probably the easiest to obtain, but work with what you have. Fill with the water almost to the top. Allow a little bit of space for the ice to expand. Speak your intention over the container. Be clear that you are binding them and stopping them from doing XYZ. Place the container in the back of your freezer. Done. No need to do anything else. You will notice in a short time that the individual is no longer a problem.

Vinegar Jar. The purpose of the vinegar jar is to bring a sour state of affairs to the one causing you some form of harm. As a root woman I have only felt it necessary to do this once in all my years. It is powerful. Warning. Be certain that you are ready to make guarding yourself and your home a regular practice. Be responsible. This is best done under the waning moon at the beginning of the waning cycle. You will need the following items:

vinegar ( four thieves if you got it, if not regular will do)

a small piece of a brown paper bag

whole hot red pepper dried

black thread

jar large enough to hold the pepper and the vinegar

black candles (or a couple black knob candles)

oil mingled with graveyard dirt, black pepper, red pepper and sulfur

  • write your enemy’s name on the piece of brown bag paper. Then cross the name out with a big “X” over the name you just wrote. Wrap the paper around the red pepper with the written on side touching the pepper. Tie the paper onto the pepper with the black string. Make sure it is tied tightly and knotted several times. Place the pepper into the jar. Pour the vinegar over the pepper paper. Fill to the top. Secure lid onto jar. Every night as the moon wanes into the Dark moon, dress a black candle with the crossing oil. Affix  the candle upside down atop of the jar after you have trimmed it to reveal the wick. As you light the candle speak your intentions over the jar. Be sure to include your enemy’s name with each curse. Example; enemy name, by the power within me, by the power without me may your fortune run out. Enemy name, may everything in your life that was sweet turn as sour as this vinegar. Each day that you light the candle, speak the intentions aloud. Raise the energy each time.

Be sure to ground the energy when you have finished each day. Guard and protect yourself throughout the process of days. On the night of the Darkest moon, once the cycle has waned completely, take an bury the jar near your enemy’s home or a graveyard.

When all is said and done, you may wish to do a cleansing herbal bath/shower.

Witch bottle. A witch bottle is about guarding and protecting the bottle maker from harm. It’s like a “don’t start none, won’t be none” type of thing. This bottle should be buried in your yard. Preferably the front yard, but any part of the yard will do as long as it is where you live.

Get a jar with a metal lid. Broken glass, and rusty nails. Basically anything sharp that if driven into someones flesh would cut them. Add them to the jar. As far as the liquid goes, you could use red wine to symbolize blood. You could commingle your blood and red wine. You could use also use your urine or a mix of urine and vinegar. It is all up to you. Once filled with these items, put the lid on the jar tightly. Dig a hole in the Earth in your yard. Bury it. You and your home are now protected from maliciousness that someone might come at you with.


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